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Bioshock recommended driver for GeForce Go 7300

Guest HJ21

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I was hoping someone could recommend a good driver for playing Bioshock.

I have a Quadro NVS 110M (GeForce Go 7300) and am using Windows XP.

The game is pretty choppy for me so I was hoping a driver upgrade could help.

Thanks a lot.

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Hmmm, all i can say is, try the latest one for your windows XP which is probably the 174xx version drivers. If that doesnt work, youll have to test out different drivers to see which one gives you the best performance.

try google too cuz i doubt people here have the Geforce Go 7300

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yeah l00k here if u interested! NVIDIA Go 7300 results

Thanks for the link, but i'm not sure I really understand enough of it to do me any good.

The biggest problem I have with looking for a driver is that I have a Dell Laptop, and the Nvidia site tells me I have to go to dell to get updated drivers for my card b/c it is a Quadro...but Dell hasn't updated the drivers in a couple years. I've tried installing the Forceware v1163.44 driver I found on a Bioshock forum on this site (http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=14560), but I don't notice any difference - plus, if i try to open the Nvidia Control Panel, it crashes.

According to Nzone, I meet the minimum requirements (except I only have 3 gigs of free space instead of 8 - would this slow things down?).

Right now I have all the settings on Bioshock turned to low, and the game runs, but there is always a slight choppiness to the game that makes it basically unplayable (hard to shoot a moving target when your mouse icon lags when moving across the screen). Someone suggested I turn shaders off, but that doesn't seem to be doing any good.

Basically, if anyone can tell me anyway to help speed up the game I would appreciate it. Hopefully an easy fix like a driver update (If I can find the right driver), but i'll take any solution.


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