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1 frame every 5 seconds - Gears of War - 8400M GS 128MB - Fixed !


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Can someone help me sort this out.. I'm using 167.58 and have tried various other drivers. My Laptop runs games like Call of Duty 4 & C&C3 just fine.


Processor type

Intel® Centrino® processor technology

? Intel® Core? 2 Duo processor T9300

? 2.50 GHz , Level 2 cache 6 MB

Operating system installed

Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 32-bit

Standard memory

4096 MB

Video adapter

NVIDIA® GeForce? 8400M GS

Video RAM

Up to 1407 MB Total Available Graphics Memory with 128 MB dedicated

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try running as admin or try the patch, or try turning settints down

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Have already tried the above to no avail. I think it's an incompatibility with HP Pavillion laptops, as on other forums HP owners report the same problem.

It's weird though, if you run it in a window and have it going behind a window, the menu's run at full speed, but when the Gears of War window is in the foreground it's using less than 50% of both CPU's and runs 1 frame every 5 seconds.

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I think it's an incompatibility with HP Pavillion laptops

The problem might not only be with Gears of War in regards to HP Pavilion laptops. I'm attempting to run Star Wars Galaxies on a DV6000 and have never been able to play it for longer than a minute without crashing.

I sure didn't want to hear that. Is HP doing something wacky with its nVidia chips that's causing such instability?

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I've fixed it!! Finally found a post on Tom's Hardware http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/98898-25-gears-problems Run msconfig click the startup tab, disable all and reboot. I haven't gone through each program to find out which caused the problem ( and I didn't have powerDVD in my list ), but I can now run Gears of War at a good frame rate!!

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