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Hello, I have a laptop and im trying to run gears of war on it. Gears of war has a requirement of a 163.44 verison or higher driver. My current drivers are low and I have no idea how to get past the errors of installing these new drivers. I run COD4, and the half life series very well. UT3 doesnt run very well, maybe because of drivers? I dont know what im doing here and all i seem to get are errors when trying to install the right drivers. I dont even know if im installing them correctly. When I try to install that or any other updated driver i get errors telling me that im not running windows vista 32 bit. I also get errors that say that I dont have the correct video drivers.. I have no idea how to get around this or even how to install them properly. Not to mention that I have no idea how to uninstall the drivers on vista, i cant seem to find the information. PLEASE HELP!!

Toshiba X205-SLI2

WXGA+ (1440x900)

Intel core 2 duo processor T8100 (2.1GHz)

NVIDIA SLI Dual Geforce 8600M GT with 512 MB VRAM

320 GB hard drive (160x2)

32 bit windows vista

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Ok there's an faq in the community forums which explains how to install a driver. Basically you download the driver and the modified inf along with it. Extract the driver into a folder and replace the inf in that folder with the one you dloaded from this site. Next unistall the driver you currently use from control panel (nvidia drivers). Restart computer run setup application file in extracted folder. After installing restart again. The drivers i recommend are either 169.28 or 169.44. Download from the community forum. You could also try one of the newer 170xx series drivers.

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