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v174.74 Windows Vista 32bit | NVIDIA (incl. >40 ODM/OEM INFs)



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When I install, I get a message kinda like:

Couldn't create a shortcut portal error;

error 1

Never seen anything like that before.. anyone knows what it means?

btw the installation proces goes on after the error.

Set all Your local settings to english. Mine did the same. After install and set up You can put back Your own locales...


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Good driver but... Idle temp is about 73C... Too much considering the previous one (Dell original) was about 50C. I will try other drivers soon I guess, because Adriana is slowly working her way thru my table...

[ntn :: M1730 8700MGT SLI]

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One of the best performance drivers I've seen so far.

Games perform brilliantly and I don't think I've ever seen Vista Aero run so smoothly and consistantly.


This is my first post and first time being recommended to this site & forum. I have no idea as to which is a good working driver for my laptop? I think my laptop specs are listed on the side; and are similar to yours (Shugo Wolf)

I have Crysis working on lowest resolution in window with minimum settings. I always crash during playing low res & graphics of Assassins Creed and Race Driver GRID(story mode "world race"); both are working versions of the game but my computer just doesn't work well with it. Also, i tried assassins creed and GRID with my vista in best performance setting (looks like theme from windows 98).

I read that there is something called modified inf. file where do i get the actual driver and the modified inf. May you (Shugo Wolf) or anyone whose done this before, please list the instructions that you've used to install these drivers and mod .inf?

Btw, how large is the differences from the default laptop video drivers? I have never overclocked or used video card driver modifications.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. Shugo Wolf does this driver have any issues? e.g. stuffs up other computer settings? stuffs up other games?

Thank you.


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Thanks for the drivers out there... this place is awesome and the guys who get it out are great :-)

But, why am I not able to download the driver here? This 174.74? Everytime I click on it, I get to a page that says "How did you get here? Please go back and try again." Am I missing something here? I was able to download drivers from other threads here but I dont know why I can get this one. Thanks for the help. Cheers.

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It works here. Disable any 3rd party firewall, try using IE

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Guest Slappystick
Hi, I installed this driver update - I had a problem with sound. There was crackling noise while scrolling the webpages!!! Uninstalled this driver - crackling got away .... :dontknow:

I have this exact same problem. Updating the driver for my Geforce Go 7600 results in an audio crackle while scrolling up and down in webpaged with the mouswheel or simply by clicking and dragging. Same thing happens while using the touchpad on my laptop. Also it will sometimes crackle and pop while I am doing nothing. It will click and crackle especialy while watching streaming video to the point of making it unlistenable. Although rolling back the driver makes it function flawlesly.

Problem is of course, you need the updated drivers to play games. So I basicaly have a very expensive I-Pod at this point.

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