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Dell XPS m1730 and vista x64 driver

Guest Batalleta

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Guest Vahal

I have a XPS M1730, and i was using vista 64 since a fews days when i decide come back on XP Pro (Sorry for ma bad english :X)

test http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=18052 with the NVDM.inf in the original_inf.zip (replace nv_disp.inf), it semms to be quite good. Then you can test http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=16504 too with the modded inf.

These driver are Ok and sli works.

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In the dell page don´t apears any driver for a nvidia.

Exists any driver for a vista x64 with nvidia 8800 SLI support?

You can LIE to the system. Basically almost ALL nvidia drivers work with ANY card mobile or not

download the drivers for the 8800GTX for vista 64bit. Run the install. It will then exit out saying you dont have the hardware.

go into device manager. tell it you have a disk.. point it to the c:\nvidia folder and navigate down to the 8880GTX drivers that were extracted. LIE TO WINDOWS and FORCE it to install 8800GTX drivers. IT WILL INSTALL them.. even if you have two 8600M or two 8700M and WORK FLAWLESSLY


Unless you have a 200 line of card, ALL NVIDIA DRIVERS WORK FOR ANY NVIDIA CARD from the 7K to 9K line!

anyquestions email me. ddutton@athenon.net

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