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Quadro FX go 1000 white Screen when turning of the screen


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I got a Dell M60 and a Nvidia quadro fx go 1000. I installed the newest driver and everytime my screen turns white after turning off. When I leave the normal driver of vista, everything works fine, except my games. So what can I do? I have already searched for that problem but haven'f found nothing. Has this to do with the inf file?

it is enoying, because the screen doesn't really turn off. Lite keeps going and the screen is white.

Thanks in advance.

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I noticed this too with the 167 drivers in my D800. Everything seems to work great except the white screen when it goes to turn off the monitor or go to standby. Closing the lid seems to work though - weird.

I guess we'll have to roll back and then try newer drivers when they come out. Maybe put a post in the 167.49 thread asking about this.

I had 101.19 working just fine (OpenGL) before I moved up to 167, maybe try something in between?

BTW, have you ever been able to play DOOM3 with your QFXGo1000? KOTOR wouldn't work until I updated the base Vista drivers, but I've never been able to play the DOOM3 demo.

How hot does your card get during normal 3d play/design? Mine is a furnace and has been since I got it - even in XP.

'Resting' temp is usually between 55 and 60 and it shoots up to the high 90s during 3d play.

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Ok, so I tried a few different driver versions:




All of them did the the white screen thing and the 167's made it so that I could not get back from 'sleep'

I'm back to using 101.19

Its too bad because the 167's really help with game performance, maybe someone will have a registry or inf mod that they can suggest to us.

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