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I know many people ask about CyberPowerPC, and I just thought I'd post a quick review of a laptop I bought 1 year and 2 weeks ago.

First, the laptop 'worked' great. The actually casing wasn't all that great... it just seemed very 'cheap'. However the laptop was fast and I never had any issues with it... until a week ago.

I'm deployed... wife is at home with the kids. I receive an email from her stating the laptop monitor doesn't seem to be working. I first told her to contact CyberpowerPC, who stated that is was out of warranty, but they would look at it if we would send it to them (our cost of course).

After a lot of help from friends and neighbors, we 'figured' it was video card. However, after taking it in to an expert technician in our local area, turns out the motherboard is dead.

As for why it died?

"Poor manufacturing."

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I ordered from cyberpowerpc as well, I found no problem ether except with the cheap chase that they used. It cracked in the lower right side of the back of the monitor just for closing it. Also it gets hotter then usual and I am not even running games on it. A few weeks ago about after almost a year of having it I wanted to Erase my hard drive and start new with the Recovery cd, to my surprise it Didn?t do any thing, the pc kept on saying that I needed the latest version of the O.S. Yet I already had the latest version, So I called cyberpowerpc up, No one answered, I Left several messages, A week passes and still no answer, I email them, no Answer, I did the -talk with a technician thing online- , still no answer. And all I want to do is just erase and recover my O.S. to my hard drive. I don?t know about any one else but shouldn?t a good product also come with good service, Epically after paying 1,500 dollars?

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