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[XPS M1730] Drivers for an SLI of 2x8800M GTX


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Hello everyone.

I'm french, so my Enlish might be a bit bad!^^

First, thanks for the whole "Laptopvideo2go.com"'s team. Great work.

I've got an XPS M1730 from DELL.

It has:

Vista Integral (32 bits)

3126Mb of RAM

CPU INTEL T9300 Dula Core @2.5GHz 6Mb L2 cache

SLI 2x8800M GTX

PPU card phySX AEGIA

2x200Gb Hard Drive @7200 RPM

I think that's all.

Sorry but I don't know how to find my ID's System and my Bios's version.

My problem is that because I don't understand English enoughly ad because I am a big NEWBIE in dirvers of Nvidia and notebook. (my first laptop/notebook)

So who can tell me, please, where can I find the lats drivers I need.

Actually I've installed the last of Dell's Drivers. It work perfectly, but we strongly recommand me to go here and to install the last drivers. Then my SLi should work better and better bacause Vista and Sli are not good friends, apparently^^

Thanks to anyone will help me! :)

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When you go to Dell's download site, be sure to actually click on the "M8800GTX SLI" and not just "Download Driver". It will take you to a new page where, if you scroll down, you can download the "performance driver" which is, I believe 174.31 or something (I need to check this.).

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Can you describe how you installed them? I just tried installing some and I no longer get a Nvidia Control Panel. Also after install when I go to device manager its only showing one card and it has a warning message. I assume you used the have disk method described for vista?

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yes you have to use HAVE A DISC method for winows vista. everything will be working fine if you instal drivers which i told you for your xps

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