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Screen idle-shuts-off, corrupted/blank when turns back on.


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Well, you're reading this now. Cool. Hit Reply and say something. Hopefully it'll stay bumped til I can solve this...

I'm prying Vista out of a new Compaq Presario F739WM laptop. It came with Vista. It was so slow, its owner threw it in a closet and tried to find other ways to get computer-related tasks done (i'm not sure how). I mentioned being able to put XP on it, and I was practically begged to do it. All too familiar?

Anyway, getting Vistrash off it was easy. Imaged the drive, then partitioned the hell out of it (my patent pending hyper-speed partitioning scheme... see MSFN.org's windows tweaks forum for the current thread). Then put XP on it. Then the problems came.

Obviously, HP is hell bent on catering to Microsoft's monopoly of Vista. They're not going to let anyone install XP on one of their precious Vista vehicles. So they don't provide drivers... support... or anything at all. Well, in scouring the internet, I found drivers for:

- The Broadcom wireless adapter (works great, using it now)

- The Conexant HD audio (not even a hiccup)

- The Conexant "HD" modem... o_O (again, not even a hiccup)

- The HP "quick launch" keys (an "unknown device" that disappeared when it was installed, though it doesn't seem to do anything as there are no QL keys...)

- The nForce platform - CPU-Z identifies the north bridge itself as an nVidia GeForce Go 6100, which is really strange, but I assume it's an nForce chipset. It works.

But the one last piece I COULD NOT find for the life of me was a working GeForce Go 6100 driver. ANY time I used that "INF modifier" here at LV2G, I got all manner of crashes and nastiness when trying to install it. I've resolved to not use it. Let me tell you, using that thing was really, really confusing too... I don't understand those driver numbers and classifications for a hell. They really should put the OEM designation in the title...

Anyway, here's where I am now. I installed v174.74 after extracting all the INFs from the included ZIP. Now I finally have working video. Well, I had previously installed another package - I can't remember which version (but it was old, July 2007) - and I had this same problem I'm about to describe. Then I installed 174.74 trying to solve it. No fixy. Stranegly, I even have some artifcats while running the Windows XP 3D screensaver. Ugh!

Here's the problem. Any time Windows shuts off the screen as per power settings (like a 10 minute inactivity timeout), the screen shuts off fine. It just doesn't turn back on! What I end up with is a backlit screen with rapidly moving white/grey bars all over the place. Fortunately, I had the power button set up for "standby", so I hit the power button, let it Standby, then hit it again to turn it back on, and the screen goes back to normal.

ANY TIME Windows shuts off the screen for inactivity, I can't get it back without standby'ing again.

What is the up here? I'm so close to having XP working perfectly on this awesome, budget, dual-core system. But I don't feel comfortable giving it back to its owner when it's got such an inexplicable problem like this. What's the deal? Is it HP's Anti-XP mechanism at work?


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