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Hi guys, I REALLY need your help!


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Ok, don't freak out I'm not gonna ask what si the best driver for my card I think I already know (but you tell me if I'm wrong :) ), now on to my problem, I bought a really nice laptop from Cyberpowerpc, an xplorer x-7 BUT I'm having lots of problems with games, basically I play BF2, BF2142 & COD4 - 1st the refresh rate on my monitor it's a 17" and it runs @ 59Hz... BF2 & 2142 run it @ 60HZ only and therefore unless I have another monitor plugged in I cannot play it, second, my game freezes and the screen goes black and then the game returns to normal, if I minimize the screen it tells me the "Display Drivers have stop working but they're working normally again", it's quite annoying, then the FPS on COD4 are awful! I run them @ 20FPS with everything on low @ 800x650 resolution! That just can't be right, take a look at my specs:

*Widows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (I love it)

*Mobile Intel PM965 + ICH-8M Chipset Mainboard

*4GB Ram

*Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT 512mb

*Intel C2D T7700 @ 2.4Ghz

*120GB 7200rpm HD w/24GB remaining (don't know if it helps) ~ Buying an external in a month or so.

Ok, so I downloaded the driver 167.62 for Vista 32-bit... I THINK this is the latest driver so if you know there is another one that's better let me know please. BUT when I try installing it it tells me that the hardware doesn't match this driver, etc. (I've read the how-to install)... Driver version I have is the: 7.15.0011.5680 and I just can't update it because the system won't let me...

I tried downloading the 171.16 Drivers that I was reading on this thread in which Hoffa mentioned he had the same Video Card I have: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....52&hl=8600m and I failed...

I tried running NERD but it told me "FAILED. Your operating system is not supported by this script..." so I can't put a NERD file here...

I'm in desperate need of help, I've tried EVERYTHING and searched like crazy for a solution but I couldn't find it, so I'm asking you guy for help! PLEASE help me!

Thanks in advance!

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try the 174.** series and don't forget to use the modded INF file

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Thank you very much Gary I'll try it right now! I didn't read about the INF file until now, so thanks!

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SWEET! I installed the 174.60 driver and it boosted the FPS on COD4!!! I was running 19-22 FPS on the open maps and around 25-29FPS on the semi-open maps (buildings and some parts on the outside) and now it's running them at 49-70FPS on the outside and 80-90FPS on the inside! Holly crap! I knew there was something wrong with my card giving me such low FPS!

Thanks again Gary, you were of great help!


Anyone new to this place and wondering where the files are here's the link:


Choose your Operating System (XP or Vista) and download... Don't forget about the INF file next to the Driver download (it says "Modded INF")! Read This quick-start guide on how to install correctly, otherwise you'll get the "nVidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." Error, so read this guide:


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Update, no problems, freezing has stopped completely, I only get a flash and that's VERY rare (usually when playing for a looong time) and it lasts less than 2 seconds and then I don't get it. I only get a weird rundll32 has stopped working? This is not during gameplay, just randomly happens every few hours or so, I haven't had any problems when that happens and it rarely does happen... hmm...

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Weird, now it won't recognized the VGA monitor I've connected in order to play battlefield 2 and 2142 (My laptop's refresh rate is 59Hz...)

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