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Permanently assigning RAM to turbocache

Guest Largo

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Guest Largo


I?ve got an Acer laptop with a 8400M G card ( yeah yeah I know it?s crapy, but that?s not the point), I don?t use it for gaming, but I?ve got a performance issue. It has 256mb of memory, up to 1,4 gb with turbocache ( originally it was 1 gb, after installing the cracked drivers the limit was raised). I use 3d CAD and graphics programs on it, when I turn or move some stuff on the screen, sometime it glitches when a bigger amount of stuff appears, but after a second ( I guess after some more ram is assigned) the motion is flawless and smooth. That happens all the time, and yeah it?s annoying. So my question is, does anybody know a program/software that will allow me to permanently assign a specified amount of ram to my gf cad, wheater it?s needed or not ( so if there will be a sudden need for some extra ram, it will be always there = no glitches) ? I?ve got 4 gigs of 667ddr2 ram, after vista sp1 installed all 4 gigs are visible, I always have at least 2 gigs free, so I could spare one to the vid card.

My laptop model is Acer 7520G, and it is not possible to fix anything in the bios menu, only bootable options and passwords can be set.

Please help :)

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i dont think its about turbo cache.

using autocad doesnt take a gig of video memory.

i reccomend using Quadrodrivers for autocad as they are designed for those type of graphics.

Geforce drivers are designed for gaming.

I reccomend 169.47 from here and see how it goes for u

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Guest Largo

Thx for the answer Dox.

The fact is I?m using 3d cad programs, they resemble progs like maya, 3dmax and so on, 3d solids not flat drawings. I imagine using a Quadro card with dedicated drivers would be a perfect solution, but i didn?t have enough cash for a laptop of that sort. I took your advice and tested some drivers, using the 169 family drivers didn?t change anything, using the 17x drivers turned matter to worse. Graphic became unstable, it crashed, stuff on the screen began to disappear ect. I am aware of the fact this is a low standard notebook and I?m not expecting any wonders from it, but still I?d like to squeeze as much from it as possible.

You know, if it wasn?t for the fact that after a second when more stuff has to be show on the screen, everything goes smooth and nice, i wouldn?t be investigating so much. I see it can go smooth, it has the power ( I think so, I?m a noob at those things so no arguing here ) so why can?t it go smooth all the time ? :) I see I?ll have to do some searching here and there, maybe a solution will pop up somewhere.

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