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Compal FL90 Windows XP 64 bit

Guest Jarix

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Alot of times if you go directly to the hardware manufacturer's website, you can download drivers for 64 bit. I know this is true for Intel, Broadcom (networking), Synaptics (touchpad) and a few others. What kind of hardware is in these laptops? I may be able to help. I run 64 bit XP on my Dell Vostro 1500, and I have drivers for everything.

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OK Jarix, you're going to have to provide a bit more information about your system and graphic card.

Always provide at least:

-> Video Device ID,

-> System Subsys ID

This thread should help you find that information: I wanted to register today?,, SUBSYS_ID, Video BIOS & Co -- Where & Why

It might also be useful to know what driver you're running now as well.

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I also have FL 90 and was looking all over internet for drivers for xp64. Finally I had all accept for graphic. Than I found this site: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com . I downloaded drivers from nVidia (for XP64) and ini file from this site and now it is working great. Maybe you will have problems when opening the lid of your computer and the graphic card won't start. Than try drivers 10x.x (I don't remember which are correct) and it should solve the problem. If not, you'll just have to open and close the lid a few times to get it started. :)

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