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Crysis 1.2 Which Driver!?!?!? PLZ HELP!

Guest Nick

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Well i have a GeForvce 8600M GT with 512 MB RAM.

I wanted to play Crysis but the performance at mid-high sucks with 174.93.

Which Driver should i use!?!? The Crysis Patch 1.2 driver!? Or some other??

Thx for help

greetz Nick

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The 8600M GT is not really strong enough to run Crysis at med- high without overclocking, better stick to mid. I use the 256mb version which only has only 700Mhz ram and I can't run 1400x900 res at med without seriously low frames but that might be because I have 256mb + 1279mb shared with the system rather than 512 dedicated. I've used most of the drivers and prefer the 174.8x series for the game. hope this helps, I'm not really a techie.

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nvidia recommends 169.44 for use with crysis 1.2, however ur gpu is not good enuff to get decent performance at mid-high as said above

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