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DELL 2405WFP workaround seems not to work with 2408WFP


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As I'm new to using custom drivers, I'm rather careful with any speculations but it seems as if the "DELL 2405WFP resolution workaround" that should enable full 1920x1200 resolution on the second screen isn't working.

I've used my laptops standard driver (Asus A8Js with 7700 Go) since I got the laptop last year around christmas without any problems. Having just received my new DELL 2408WFP I was able to set it's resolution to the native 1920x1200 using the standard driver without any problems.

Unfortunately I found out, that it is not possible to use the second screen as the primary one (e. g. games) using this driver.

So I found out about laptopvideo2go, read all the necessary FAQs (hope so) and downloaded the latest Win XP 32 driver 169.09 and the corresponding inf generated by "INF enhancer" (of course I checked the "DELL 2405WFP resolution" mark).

After installing this and several older drivers using the "have disk" and the "setup.exe" methods, I have to conclude, that I'm either making a mistake or something is just not working correctly.

I even checked the registry entries using "regedit" but they are all set (correctly) to values that should enable 1920x1200 on my second screen ("{*}SHV 1920x1200x32=4;" is present).

One last detail that might be of use to the experts among you is that the nview "multi display assistant" (I hope that the translation is correct, as I have the german version) doesn't show ANY available resoluton for my DELL 2408WFP any more at all.

I'm rolling back to my laptop's standard driver now, but this of course prevents me from gaming on the DELL (at least for the majority of games that run on the primary screen only).

It's nothing urgent but of course I would appreciate getting some help... ;-)

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