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Will this work? URGENT PLEASE!


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Hello... Ill cut the chase.. my main problem is:

If I plug these:


Will that produce atleast 5.1 surround sound?

Its: Optical-out/S-PDIF -> 1/8 miniplug to DIN9 (female) -> DIN9 (male) to 3x analog miniplug for surround(female) -> 3x male surround miniplug to razer HD-DAI -> Razer Baracuda HP-1 headphone!

Will this work?? Or would I need to plug in TOSLINK to female miniplug in the optical out first??

Thank you for you help!!

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well if it's OPTICAL, you would need some kind of signal converter box to transform it into multichannel ELECTRICAL data as a wire can't magically do that...

In other words...NO.

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Ohh can you please suggest any converter box that would work? I have been trying to find one for a month now and I cant seem to find anything :)

Please I appreaciate your help..

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