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dell xps 1530


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I have a New dell xps 1530 laptop with the grpahic card or the best mid ranged card I could do when i was custamizing it.

anyway i tried playing a game and noticed a drop in fps i looked info up and was going to try that driver out and realized it was for desktop i was directed her and still can't get info out or looked for.

Anyway I was looking at the driver section and ran into a problem looking for dell laptops and such.

So anyway I am asking this question where can i find a driver for my laptop?

that will work with most stuff and here it is.



display is 1280x800 etc check my profile and such and i have 3 gigabite and of course intel core 2duo 1.8 processor.

I need a driver to work with this system and i can't find it here and when i looked in latop dirver section it was like i could not find the one i needed so i went nuts looking.

i try to play multiple games but i need the modded driver so i can run a specific mmorpg better ffxi and other sutff.

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if you guys are using XP then 174.74 is the best option. if not there are a few sites showing you go to upgrade to XP. well worth it!

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I get better performance on my card with 178.13, so maybe this driver is worth a shot as well.

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