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New Laptop and some driver questions

Rico Penguin

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I've included my DXDIAG since that'll be more precise than I can be.

My Laptop is about a week old and I have a few questions.

What drivers would give me the best performance on say Oblivion?

ALSO I have a problem that maybe the geniuses here might know a fix for.

In some games like Dawn of War the terrain will sometimes black out, the same thing happens on Sims 2 (with or without any expansion).

However this blacking out doesn't happen on Half-life 2 (Which runs like a dream if you are curious).

Thanks for your help.

- Rico -


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Your driver, 174.32, has been out here just a couple of days an is about a month old, so experiences are about zero so far - at least you are up to date but those problems may disappear when using another driver. I'm using 174.93 just now. 174.74 has proven quite popular.

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Holy crap I love this place.

Before the driver change to the ones you suggested I got 10-12 fps on Oblivion.

After the driver update...

30-40fps O.O!!!

I didn't realize that a driver update could do such a thing. I may need to change my desktop to the stuff you guys have here.

Now time to see if it got rid of the black flicker.

It's not SUPER good but if you notice part of the ground is all flickery. If the recording had worked better you'd see it flicker in and out if I pan across. I'll try and get a better one of dawn of war so you can see and maybe help me diagnose the problem.

http://islesofscion.net/Sims2EP7%202008-04...14-30-34-90.avi - I did it as its default avi because I imagine you guys don't trust mysterious .rar's :)

As you can see (rather poorly, I've never used fraps before) the ground has some wierd split darkness. If I move even one dash to the left or the right it'll go away. I'll get a much better example on dawn of war. Maybe you guys know what causes this.

Oddly enough that issue with the color goes away with the activation from fraps but you can see it in the first second in either of these! :)



- Rico -

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