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nHancer v2.4.0 Beta 7 is out - NVIDIA Game Profile Enhancement Tool


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Today Martin has released a new BETA build of his high quality tool nHancer for gamers and NVIDIA enthusiasts. Don't be confused with the name as LaptopVideo2Go also offers a tool called Enhancer which is unique, too, but a website-driven automatic INF creator to fix a dozen of well-known problems for laptop users with built-in NVIDIA GPU. This includes the fix to the infamous TOSHiBA BlackBar phenomena, where the EDID override helped countless GeForce 4 Go 4xx owners.

For those new to modding and to get a clue what the NVIDIA Game Profile Enhancement tool "nHancer" is about, here's a short introduction:

nVidia's own control panel is not always very intuitive to use. Especially the 3D rendering settings are very cryptic and difficult to navigate. Even the new control panel introduced with the 9x.xx line of Forceware drivers isn't a real improvements for these problems.

nHancer is a tool to improve the usage of these features. Both normal and advanced users should find nHancer to be a big step forward.

Additionally, nVidia drivers include a unique feature, that allows them to define profiles for every game, which control various image quality, compatibility and optimization aspects. But in the standard control panel, this feature is even more cryptic to use, so most people never bothered about it.

The new version will work now with the latest Forceware 174.xx and has the following changes since v2.3.x:

  • Corrected all startup problems. Multithreaded startup for splash screen redone from scratch and much, much simpler.
  • Added new filter option "predefined profiles of installed applications" (which is used by default). When used only predefined profiles of actually installed applications are shown.
    Great idea introduced in nVidia's control panel :)
  • Added new filter option "manual profiles".
  • Multiple profiles with the same name will now marked as conflicting.
  • Profiles which are neither set to be activated manually nor contain any executables for automatic activation are now marked with a warning.
  • Improved SLI detection.
  • Bugfix: nHancer handled manual profiles incorrectly when reimporting profiles during startup. The same profile was offered for import upon each startup, which could result in the identical profiles in the profile list.
  • Several Bugfixes (see http://forum.nhancer.com/project.php?projectid=1)
  • Supports Forceware 174.xx
  • Corrected the names for the new SLI modes
  • Added DX10 AA-compatibility flags
  • Added Hybrid SLI mode
  • Bugfix: Size of the "Description" and "Settings" areas were not restored properly when starting nHancer.
  • New logo, icons and "about window" designed by Eberhard Klauke. Thank you very much, Eberhard!
  • Added new SLI modes (Bloom, 3-way and for DX10 exclusively: 4-way)
  • Support of all the latest cards up to the 9600 GT
  • Added OpenGL multi monitor options
  • All new profile management, which allows to override all options in nVidia's predefined profiles, including AA and AF prevention.
  • Profiles can now be reverted to their original state as they were predefined by nVidia.
  • New "Shadow-Profiles", which are replacing (overshadowing) predefined profiles automatically, if the user changes a predefined option.
  • The nHancer service is now optional. nHancer runs without the service, but only if started with administrator rights. The installer has the option to install nHancer without the service.
  • Added a text search box to find a profile. Just type away and nHancer will show only profiles matching the entered text.
  • Added a new profile type filter. Click on the filter icon to see all filter options.
  • Several new Anti-Aliasing modes: 8xSQ, 2xQ, 4x9tap

See Readme file for the detailed Changelog/ReleaseNotes.

Important: Please uninstall any version prior to 2.3.x before installing this version!

The latest build is always available @ www.nHancer.com. BETA versions can be found HERE.

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Does it mean that with this tool... you can use Multiple monitors even though you have SLi enable??

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