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Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is out


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Download the official full (slipstream capable) 316MB english version for XP 32bit directly from Microsoft's server over HERE.

There is no SP3 for XP 64bit edition as it's based on Server 2003 and covered by it's SP2.

A brief PDF overview of what's new in SP3 can be found over HERE.

System Requirements and a How-To are HERE.


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been using it for a while now, and havent noticed improvements as such.

otherthan that still same old xp which isnt a bad thing :)

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I hope you guys have better luck installing it than I did.

When I tried it, my RAID 0 decided to give out while it was updating all the important registry files.

The RAID came back up, but it was too late for the install..... :) :)

After seeing everything that can go wrong with a windows install, recovery console, repair install, ect finally got it to boot back to a usable desktop.

Still have some more tinkering left to do.

Hopefully I'll come out of this with a shiny new XP SP3 and a new XP 64bit install.

Keep in mind that a manual system restore through the recovery console can break the recovery console and prevent you from logging in. (if you screw up)

In other news though, my new Hardy Heron install on my old laptop works just fine.

Every piece of the hardware thats still not broken is compatible with the OS.

The Quadro 4 700 Go GL has no trouble running all the desktop cube, 3D, ect effects through compiz fusion.

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That is why I don't like RAID setups.

It's a fragile world.

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Well I've somehow managed to fix almost everything exactly back like it was before, time for round 2.

(this is many many many reboots later, and a few graphics driver related BSODs that were easy to fix :) )

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glad to hear it.

its a shame some people experience problems.

hope you will get it sorted soon.

and speaking of hardy heron im mighty tempted to partition my disk and give it a try...

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That will be one of my next adventures this summer, trying to install that on my RAID setup.

Got everything up and running again but can't install windows installer 3.1 or SP3.

Maybe I should slipstream SP3 and do a repair install again...

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