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Drowning here somebody Help.


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Somebody help before I go :) Mad.


Ok for the pros my nerd attachment is provided.

Issues I am having.

a. On a slow dialup link have downloaded 3 diffirent drivers very slowlly and none seem to work.

b. My issue is with the TV Composite out. To my old TV the best screen resolution I can get is 320x420 cant even read the text on the TV.

b. With my HDMI port out. The best resolution i can get is 800x600. This is while conected to a 42" latest latest Samsung LCD TV.

What would really make my day :)

a. Recommend a driver that will allow me to use HDMI at a higer resolution with my new TV

b. Recommend a driver which will allow me to over clock some.

Thank You for your time :P

Ps: 82 Views over 100 hours searching thru posts no progress.

Even downloaded the latest Forceware drivers recomended for XP.

Is it possible to control the resolution output to the TV ?

WHo picks this resolution. ?


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Ok after spending like 10 days on this forum before making my first post.

And spending most of my time here.

Ive finally found and upgraded to the latest version of the drivers for XP with the custom INF.

The good news. I can now see the option to control the resolution for my TV

The not so good news :) any game I try to play will give me an instant Blue screen with a msg saying the crash was caused by the Display driver.

This laptop was purchased to play games on a 43" Large Screen TV.

Looks like the TV function is flakey at best.

Some other funny stuff.

First reboot after installing the latest driver. Blank screen. After a finger swipe the display comes on. NVtray refuses to work.

2nd reboot after install no more blank display

3rd reboot after install Nvtray starts to work :)

Here is my Nerd output on the latest Driver.

Me thinks best go back to the Dell Drivers. At least they dont crash the OS.


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