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Toshiba Satellite X205-SLI2 problem with SLI

Guest Erwin

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Guest Erwin


I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite X205-SLI2. The problem is that whenever I try do play games in SLI mode i get horrible artifacts (see link below). I've tried different drivers (original and LV2Go) and both Vista and Xp OS (both 32bit) and the problem still remains. Even a fresh system install from Toshiba recovery disk did not solve this.

Heres a picture of COD4 running in SFR mode (i took a photo because strangely the screenshot looks fine):


It would seem that the problem is with the second card.

GPU-Z reports different BIOS versions for both cards, maybe thats the problem:

1) 60.84.5E.00.15

2) 60.84.5E.00.29

I've also updated the motherboard bios with a new version i got from toshiba website (2.20 -> 2.30 i think). I did this before trying out SLI so I don't know.

If anyone has any idea of what might be wrong please respond.

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Hey i have the x205-sli2 after a couple days of pain the same as you were experiencing i installed the 167.59 and the inf. worked like a champ, full res and specs on cod4.

I just updated to vista service pack 1 and of course i get black screen over 1024x768 so im on here downloading more drivers and checking it out, ill let you know...i hate to roll back the sp1 because it gave me my full 4gb of ram but i may have too. I mean if i cant explode peoples heads whats the point. Ill let you know how it works out, im also using nhancer. I may reinstall cod4 as well.

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