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7900 GTX and Conan!


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Well, I'm very pointedly saying that I'm NOT in the age of Conan beta. But if I were, I might be having a few assorted problems... like interface elements flickering giving me a flicker from time to time, along with vegetation. Nothing I couldn't handle but what I couldn't really handle would be it freezing abruptly after area loads and a minute and a half later, BSODing me.

So I'm thinking it might be time to update mah drivers. The old 101.09 drivers have treated me well, tho from time to time I get a quick 1 px shift to the left and right at desktop occationally. And in most of my games I get a small glitch where one face from a mesh stretches out into infinity. :3 I can handle that kinda stuff as long as the drivers WORK. But Hellgate London started giving me something similar to the above problem and it might be becoming time to change. I just hate all the stories I'm hearing from friends about drivers borking their systems. xD

So here it is. I'm running a Sager 5760, with a 7900 GTX card. Now I'm no tweaker, I don't try 10 drivers and check the 3dmark outputs for each to find the best performance. I find a set and go with it until I can't anymore. So if anyone could recommend a STABLE set of drivers that they think might work well with Age of Conan, I'd appreciate it greatly.

I'm just a little confused from this website. From the driver section, the 'newest' on the right aren't the newest. The one at the top of the list in the middle isn't the newest. Nvidia is putting out a beta set of drivers for my card here, (http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_notebook_167.51.html) the 167. You guys pimp the 169. Then there are the 17x drivers which I hear mostly apply to SLI laptops... @_@ I'm just a little bit confused as to which to go far, let alone which are STABLE and trustworthy. Heh. Again, I'd love some help. You guys have helped me out in the past and I appreciate it.

(Oh yes, and I'm using Windows XP)

Thank you.

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i would reccomend you try 169.21 as they are "reccomended" by nvidia.

i would personally use 174.74 which has better performance and is stable for me.

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Thanks for the reply! That does make sense for conan, yeah.

Tho I was thinking I'd put more priority on being able to play every other game I have passably well before focusing on a game that's still in beta. :3

You think I should use a driver that's mostly meant for SLI rigs? (the 17x.xx drivers)

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