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Intermittent Video Distortion

tony bombata

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over the weekend, i installed vista sp1 on my system. (dual boot config)

dell precision m90, 3gb ram, 2ghz, nvidia quadro fx1500m 256mb 1920 x1200 wuxga xp pro sp3/vista sp1

it works fine, but every once in a while, my laptop video distorts

the problem seems to be limited to my laptop display, because i'm using a dual monitor config, and the distortion does not extend to the other monitor. . i used to have to force a hard shutown to restart with video restored, but i found that if i can start nvidia control panel and select image preview, the video immediately reverts to normal.

i'm using the dell vista driver. i've uninstalled and reinstalled it, tried the quadro driver from nvidia - no dice.

the problem does not show on xp pro

what i've observed-

in nvidia control panel, my cards memory is shown as 1518mb

in device manager my laptop monitor shows as generic plug and play monitor.

whats odd is that i installed vista in january, and i didn't experince these dispaly issues (there were other issues, whiich made me delete it )

any suggestions?

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your graphics shows that much memory because it is borrowing it from your system memory hence turbocache

also it is called generic pnp monitor because it doesnt have a name and that is what its called in all laptops :)

as to your problem i suggest you only install one version of windows and dont dual boot, either delete windows xp or vista, im not sure though :)

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Does your problem ever occur when you are running a 3D application or game in XP? If so, it could be a 3D only problem which does not normally manifest itself in XP.

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