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GeForce Go 7400 disappeared from device manager


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Hi. I've got a Sony Vaio SZ435N/B which has an Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 GPU. I rarely use this for games but occasionally I do and to get things running smoothly a few weeks back (while running Vista Business) I downloaded and installed the 174.74 driver and everything seemed to be working great.

Then last week I went to fire up one of my games and found the graphics all screwy so I checked Device Manager only to find that my display adaptor was reported as being a Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family!

I tried switching back to the Nvidia 174.74 driver, failed, and decided to stop procrastinating and revert back to Windows XP.

I've now got XP set up with all the other drivers apparently working fine but now Device Manager lists two(!) Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family devices under my Display Adaptors.

Device manager reports the hardware ID's for the two devices as:










Can anyone explain what happened and help me get an Nvidia driver working again?

Thanks in advance.

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I have no idea which entry under display adapters in device manager is the 7400 but one of them is. Try the "have disc" method to install your 7400 driver. Instructions for both vista and xp have disc method can be found in the community forums FAQ threads. maybe try a different driver if it fails again. I found 174.74 flaky on my 7 series gpu. It would install, work great then act up after a few hours to a few days.

Also.. download "Driver Cleaner Professional" and clean up parts of left over drivers before you install a new driver. Most say to use the driver cleaner after you boot to windows safe mode. It's free and a google search will lead you to it.

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Answer found (thanks to the folks on Notebookreview.com forums)...

My laptop has a Stamina/Speed button. Apparently when I switched to Stamina mode it turned off my Go 7400 & dropped down to the Intel chipset.

Switched it back to Speed, rebooted, and my Go 7400 is back!

I'd completely forgotten about the switch.

Thanks anyway!

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Guest Guest

Wow... for three days I couldnt figure out why my computer was acting like the drivers uninstalled and i couldnt reload them, and then you mention the stamina button.

Thanks for saving me another three days and a complete OS reinstall which obviously wouldnt have helped.

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