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Best driver for these games and my personal situation

Guest psxsage

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Guest psxsage

Let me say i realize there is no BEST driver each has pros and cons And i have read Both of the suggested threads from the pinned ""stop asking which driver is best post"" They are both outdated and nether awsner my question. I am just looking to find the best driver for my situation and the games i use most.

Laptop Inspirion 1520 Dell

GPU 8600 GT-M DDR2 256 MB

Games i play mostly. Hellgate London,World of warcraft

What do i expect from the driver? Best performance possible (mostly for hellgate since WoW will run on a calculator) With as much stability as possible. The driver needs to be fairly recent however or the shading in hellgate is bugged.

I have been reccomended 174.74 And 174.93 Both had pros and cons

174.74 Seemed to lower GPU temps While lowering performance by 8-12 FPS

174.93 Seemed to Raise GPU temps improve performance but cause a stuttering effect in most games.

Any other suggestions for versions? Or are these really the best two and i just need to deal with the cons of one of them?

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174.74 seemed the fastest driver for me.

175.16 is what im using so far and there is less stutering

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yeah 174.74 was the best for me also, have gone back to it after countless effort trying others.

175.XX not really happy with. screen flickers etc. but that may have been OC too much...

Used to play: World in conflict, cysis, the witcher, gears of war.

no issues with any. (exept the witcher, and its a memory issue that i finally resolved with visa 32)

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For my inspiron 1520, 174.74 gave the best performance, however i got rundll errors on startup and crashes playing ut3. Gone back to 169.44 which seems to be the best driver for playing ut3.

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