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7900GTX Go graphical issues

Guest Panzer

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Guest Panzer

Greetings. I've been a lurker here since something like 2006, and recently ran into some troubles that I just can't seem to fix.

I'm running into a lot of graphical glitches these days, with absolutely no idea where they are coming from. They show up arbitrarily and sometimes not at all, in every game I play. Now, I realize this is too ambiguous for anyone to help me, so I'll elaborate.

On Eve-online, I get white or multicoloured streaks across my screen, as well as the game flickering once in a while (Kinda comparable to the flicker when you change your resolution). Furthermore, some textures get elongated beyond the actual model, which looks really odd.

In team fortress 2, walls of elongated textures sometimes show up blocking the view of an open space. A wooden wall that is meant to be used as cover suddenly seems to span across the entire width of the map, and I can't see through (Although walking through is fine). Character models sometimes randomly dissapear becoming white outlines or become completely green. The game flickering (Again, as if you'd change resolution) for no reason also happens, 99% of the time resulting in sudden drop in fps as well, again for no reason.

Portal runs on the same engine as Tf2, and suffers from the exact same issues.

COD4 does not run on the same engine, but the texture problems persist. Suddenly, a character's arm will stretch in an ugly line across the map, blocking my view. A tank rotating becomes an ugly texture blob. Floors randomly wash out and lose their normal textures and seem to become elongated squares of a single small piece of ground.

Neverwinter nights 2 had the same texture spilling out, with lines, limbs, weapons washing across the screen in ugly elongated texture things.

I've been running the 174.74 driver ever since it came out, and have not fiddled with any video options, nor in game options. These games used to work fine, and without changing anything they suddenly all started to show these issues.

Eve-online even becomes unplayable at times when the flickering suddenly intensifies and locks up my computer.

My specs:

Pentium M 2,4 GHz

Geforce Go 7900GTX (512mb, running on 174.74 modified driver with the conventional modded inf from laptopvideo2go)

2 Gigs of DDR2 Ram (Doubt that's related to video stuff, but whatever)

I can add things like dxdiag or my specific video settings (Triple buffering on, vertical synchronizatin on etc etc) if needed.

I realize you might not be able to help me, but if anyone does have some even vague idea what might be causing this, I'd greatly appreciate it. If all else fails, perhaps someone can reccomend what options in the Nvidia control panel I should have turned on/off for best performance vs image quality and that might fix something.

In short: Halp! :)

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sounds like your grapahics card is starting to give in.

is your laptop hot?

then clean out your vents.

do you overclock?

turn back your speed to normal clocks

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Guest Panzer

Don't overclock, clean out my heatsinks/vents and everything with compressed air on a very regular basis.

And yeah, my laptop does get quite hot, but not more than usual. It's been getting hot since the day I bought it.

Sigh, maybe it's time for me to scrap the laptop and invest in a new PC or something..

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if its still under warranty give your seller a call?

maybe they will replace it

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I have a Toshiba P100-ST9742 with same (7900gtx) graphics as you do. I was suffering the same problems as you have described. This is typically called "artifacting". It can be caused by overheating or by bad graphic chip or bad memory chips. Mine was due to bad memory chips. I had to have graphics card replaced, luckily under warranty. Now it seems to work fine, if not still a little hot. I know this is not comforting, but hopefully helps some.

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