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dv9543cl nvidia + vista not working


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If anybody can help, it is greatly appreciated.

So about a week ago, my computer locked up after I started to play a game. The game was Fallout Tactics, nothing too intense, it ran fine for the 5+ times I played it until one day my screen became all garbled up. After this, I could not get back into Vista and my computer was completely locked up. I got a couple of BSoDs (sorry I forgot what error it was specifically, I stopped getting them at this moment but my computer still doesn't work) and I got many, many, many garbled up screens of either a lot of green strips where everything is messed up and you cannot see anything. Since I could not figure a way to start Vista, I rebooted my computer. After the reboot I figured everything would be alright but still the problem persists with the same problems as before. So I tried to uninstall my drivers, disable them and reinstall only using the first drivers that Vista can find online through its own driver search. This method worked for about a day until my computer again started locking up. So I started to read on the forums and started to do research. I found the updated drivers from HP's driver website so I installed that plus the new BIOs that came out. Again, the problem persists. I have now disabled my video card completely and that is the only way my computer will start up. With the newest drivers installed, I cannot even get to the log in screen, it just shows me the garbled up screen with the green and such.

I have a HP Pavilion dv9543cl Notebook PC, running Vista Home Premium 32 bit with a Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS video card.

I installed a driver from Laptopvideo2go.com that boosted my video card and I'm not sure if it was overclocked but I'm afraid that my video card got fried because of the overclocking. I have tried to search for an answer to this question online but I can't seem to find any precedent to assume this is a problem.

If anybody can help or need anymore information, please do so.


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I am having this exact same problem. I have the same specs and everything. It happened to me while I was playing Civ3 of all things! Does anyone have any kind of solution? I think that I might need to replace the video card...

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You seem to have the same video card as I do and the same problems as well. I'm starting to think its a conspiracy. >.> lol

Anyways, I don't think its your fault, or anyone else's who has the the same video card and has those garbled up screens of pixelated crap.


^ My thread. Posted it yesterday. lolwut -_-

Some say its due to overheating >.> But I'll take Dox's word and I'd say we were unfortunate enough to pick a faulty vid card.

You could try cleaning for a bit. Might do the trick. ^_^" But I wouldn't really know since I haven't tried it my self. >.>

Try reading up on the manual. Google your model and the manufacturer with manual at the end. If anyone tries this please tell me how it goes.


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