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My laptop is about 6 months old and for this past six months everything is fine even after I install other drivers from Laptop Video 2go.

I have been playing Call of Duty 4 online and single player for about 2 months or so, no over clock. I stop playing for about 2 months and when I start playing single player again recently it was still fine. After a few days the laptop starts to crash, with the screen occasionally flickering. I thought the newer driver is making the card too hot so I revert to older drivers. It seems to fix the problem for a while and it crashed again after 1 day or so.

It gets worse, I could not even go into windows vista, it stopped loading half way and left me with a blank black screen. So I went in safe mode, disable the card and to my surprise I could go into windows again. I tried enabling the card and sometimes it works and most of the time it does not.

I even tried formating the whole laptop and reinstall everything. A fresh install solved the problem for a few hours and eventually the graphic card crash again with original driver.

So my question is, is my laptop fried or something is wrong ? I have one crazy idea is that during the past six months the temperature was cold here in the UK. Recently it starts to get a lot hotter and thats when my Graphic card starts to show signs of crashing. However after trying to cool my laptop down with a cooler it did not solve the problem. I never did any over clock. Occasionally I will do some heavy Photoshop editing and Illustrator editing but I can't imagine them making my laptop too hot.

So again is it fried ? Thanks for any help given.

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yes i had the same problems as you described. more so after sp1....

so i went back to windows xp and it solved the problem, but to my surprise it started happening again with xp.

I nailed it down to powermizer, if it enabled for somereason it would crash my gpu when i booted into a game.

with it disabled all is well. and i dont know of a way to disable powermizer in vista =/

im not saying going to xp would work for you as it did me....

i am at a mystery to why it did crash myself even with stock drivers and no overclock.

and i dont think its nothing to do with the temp of the uk- very unlikely.

also makes sure your clean out ur vents and fans?

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Thanks Dox for the reply.

I clean the dust from the outside using the vacumn because my laptop have warranty seal all over. I have still have 3 months warranty. I was trying to fix it because at the moment I need my laptop for college work.

You mean powermizer exist in Windows right after install ? or is it in the Nvidia Driver ?

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powermizer is built into vista which downclocks your card based on what you are doing.

However i find that by switchin to xp and turning off powermizer my card doesnt crash.

in xp powermizer is built into the drivers, in vista its built into the OS itself so i dont know if u can disable it

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I am quite stuck with Vista because I do not have XP at the moment. I see that your card is quite good, wouldn't you miss the DX10 capability once change to XP ?

Maybe I need to ask Nvidia for help with this problem.

Is it because of the down clock the GPU does not have enough power and therefore shutdown the whole computer ? What if I overclock it just a little so that it could stay at a higher clock speed and therefore do not crash again ? Just a crazy thought.

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experienced once when i was using Vista Home Premium x86...

but now for me, no problems at all...

and by the way, i live in Singapore, where the average temperature here is abt 30 deg C...

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