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175.16 WHQL as of today


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Just a little update to say the 175.16 is now made WHQL and is the recommended driver by nVidia for geforce 5/6/7/8/9.

The last WHQL for the geforce 8 series was in December and after a long wait a new driver is finally made WHQL!

As ever if you downloaded and installed the 175.16 before it was made WHQL then there is no need to unistall and update to these WHQL set as its the same driver but just signed.

Also using a modded inf will break the WHQL certificate.

You can grab them from nVidia's site

or can find these drivers already in the forums with modded inf supporting mobile cards:

XP x86

XP x64

Vista x86

Vista x64

If you are confused as to what driver to try then i would recommend you give these set a go.

I've used them for a week now and everything looks great and running smooth.

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Just to add some buffer to the statement about the best driver...

If you are EVER unsure about what driver to use, ALWAYS use the latest released driver you possibly can. The latest drivers always have the most up-to-date features, fastest speed and performance, and usually the highest compatibility.

Dox these are a great find. Highly recommend these to anyone with ANY Nvidia GeForce for XP and Vista.

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