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Sony + Nvidia 8600M GS = no go:(


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Hey there guys...I am new on this site...but I already love it. I already downloaded and tested rather many drivers for my Vaio VGN-FZ21Z with Nvidia 8600M GS 256 ddr3 card. It seems I am stuck with 169.04 cause only these overclock.

However, today I got a blu-ray and I tried to play it. To my amazement it could not play giving an error "create overlay failed". A different kind of message was with PowerDvD 7.3 ultra "inappropriate driver".

So after a bit of searching I found out that this is caused due to the moded inf that breaks the WHQL certification of drivers. That means that I need to find a driver that support 8600M GS without the moded inf. I found out that the Sony/Nvidia drivers 167.43 are supposed to have my video card included even without the moded inf. To my disappointement this is not correct. They include only 8600M GT. I did try to install them with the moded inf only to find that the blu-ray did not work again.

So I reinstalled the drivers that my machine came with (they are like 101.something :) (( ). They did manage to play the blu-ray.

However, to make things even more complicated, my coleague has the same laptop at work...so I went there and I saw he had 167.43 drivers installed...and he has no idea what are the moded infs etc. He just do it by updating the drivers.

I tried to update via Nvidia site/ Sony update site/ Vaio support site. Nothing. And to my biggest disappointement is that now I remember I had those drivers before I checked with this site as well. I seriously don't know how they got into my PC...all I remember is that they just updated the old drivers something I cannot do now.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Damn...how did I forget to include this to my info...I am sorry Dox. I use Vista-32

Edit- Ok I found what is the problem. It seems the 167.43 drivers do not have the correct inf file in them...even if you do not use the modded inf. If you go to the extracted folder and find a zip file called originalinf.zip and you extract it...it actually extracts 1 more inf file that contains the 8600M GS. Thanks for the help anyway;)

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