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Media Keys and iTunes can be friends


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I got a new Dell PC with XP Media Center Edition. The media keys on the keyboard (like Skip, Back, Play, Stop, etc) didn?t work in iTunes unless it was the active window. In contrast, they did work with Windows Media Player, even if it was minimized (of course).
This is a known issues also with Toshiba laptops as Toshiba provides a Media Button Control Panel which is only compatible with WMP. The solution for years now was to use Gennady's tool RemoteX. Vista doesn't work with RemoteX and this is where "iTunesKeys" jumps in.

You can download and read all about iTunesKeys over at the Andy's site HERE.

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Guest Guest

I'm running Vista 32-bit on a Dell Inspiron E1705, and mmKeys.dll works beautifully (see above post by WetSawdustDemon on May 18, 2008 for link). mmKeys.dll is a truly elegant and welcome alternative to the much-publicized and memory-hogging iTunesKeys. Many, many thanks to the developer!

And the installation really is as simple as it sounds. Close iTunes, download the mmKeys.dll file, move it into your C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes Plugins folder, re-open iTunes, and presto!

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Guest scissored

Wow. I went to his site, and downloaded and ran his program and in no time, it worked perfectly. I can't believe how easy that was! I'd been looking for a way to do this on my Toshiba laptop (Vista) forever. Thanks a ton!

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are either of these options compatible with vista x64?


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