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dell insp 8500 clone mode issue

Guest DeJimbo

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Guest DeJimbo


i just tried new modded drivers and in general they work well. however for some reason nview always seems to go to clone mode every time i bootup (digital and analog mode). it happens even with no external monitor and just my LCD. this clone mode setting by default causes the display to flicker black on and off twice at bootup whichis really annoying. reinstalling the drivers (45.91mod) removes the effect, so i think it must be a registry setting. can anybody help me out?



(dell inspiron 8500 w/ xp pro and geforce4 4200go)

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The Clone mode at first bootup is a slight hickup that can't be helped.

It's an inconviniance but its staying.

When first installing a driver, after the first reboot just set the display back to Single.

There is a reason that this happens that outweighs it not happening.

How many times do you reboot in a day ? for this to become a problem.

I sometimes won't reboot for weeks (INF modding allowing), I just close the lid and hibernate.

Anyway, I hope this explains this a little better.


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do you have a third party application installed which overrides the nvidia setting (maybe a DELL app). Or do you have by chance the nv driver help service under "Administartive Tool | Services" disabled. The enable it to automatic.

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