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8400M GS: Driver 169.04, or 156.66?


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Right now I have 156.66. I do see some difference in my games like more framerates In COD 4 at Max Settings. But, I want to also overclock my GPU to get more performance. Should I keep my 156.66, or download 169.04? I want to know which driver is better. Also, can 169.04 allow you to overclock on Vista using RivaTuner? Thanks if you guys can let me know.

BTW: Since I have a laptop, will I need a modded INF file for the 8400M GS? If so, how? I have read the guide, but didn't get it.

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yes you will need to..

1) download the driver

2) download the INF file

extract the driver to a folder, then copy and paste the INF (overwriting the original INF)

[must overwrite the INF file or it wont install on your system]

3) run setup.exe

thats it

as for driver version, that will depend on your system. 174.74 try that. 8600 is the same basic chipset as mine. and .74 is all good!

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I would suggest you try 169.04 , they will give you better FPS and better performance all the way .. 156.66 are old , they are good driver , but not really good for gaming ...

Il'l show you a list of all the driver that i've tested ..

I've made my research and for my PC , the best driver so far are : 174.93 and 175.12

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Hello all...

This is officially my first post. Why or how did I come across this site. Because I am consistantly receiving display driver failures on my new lappy. And I know it's because of the video drivers. I have learned a tremendous amount from reading over the forums. I have come to learn that I will need a modded INF file and driver if I'm to update my gfx drivers EVER or wait on HP to - yeah right...

So my question or statement is this. It seems that finding a driver from here is by trial and error or trusting the community in what they perceive as poor, fair, good, or excellent drivers for their desired requirements for their lappy.

So, if I'm going to jump into updating my drivers I'll always have to come back here to do so because of the modded INF file correct?

Next, is there a "Best" driver for the 8400M GS video card? Something that is all around great and certified WHQL?

Thanks for the support in advance and I pray to the forum gods I don't get flamed over this post. :)

Thanks again!!!

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Thats a difficult one eagle scout. best all round driver wont give you good framerates in games, it will be 'average'

But... it will support bluray and dvd playback with no problems (no lines, or blur)

Assume you are using vista? enable aero when watching dvd's as it makes the quality waaaay better!

if i turn aero off i notice really bad quality in dvd playback. especially thru HDMI cables.

so.. Its really trial and error like you said. read what others have stated, or test yourself. each system will be different. hardware make ups etc.

Do a search for your machine type and see what comes up. might be some info on what driver they have used and have found to be best... or best all round driver.

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