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No Full Screen on HDMI to TV


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I got a Sharp TV, 32" LC32GP3U-B (1080p full). I connected an hdmi cable from my laptop (1080p certified) to the TV.


I do not get the full screen output on my TV when connected via HDMI. This is very frustrating. The TV itself works fine in full screen (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc). I DO get full screen output on any Linux o/s I test it with, via hdmi. However, I prefer to use Vista instead in order to use MCE and the plugins I have (Netflix, Joost, etc plus MCE remote). I duplicatedt this before and after upgrading to Vista SP1. I've duplicated this with many WHQL certified NVidia drivers as well. Literally at least 5-10 different driver versions for my 8400M GT card. I cannot figure out why it is not showing full screen output, but I can confirm this happens in Vista only, not Linux (did not and will not test in XP). My index score in Vista is 5.0. It was actually 5.3 at one time, then dropped to 5.1 and 5.0 over few months span.

Nvidia panel shows proper 1920x1080 resolution.

Some drivers I've tried and duplicated the same problem:




Also, my TV settings are certainly proper since I do get full screen output in Linux and general TV viewing. I did try several new HDMI cables too, but thats irrelevent since it works fine in Linux.

Other MCE Related Issues

Another strange problem, when configuring Media Center, I chose TV as output. Now the color, contrast, gamma, etc is perfect on the TV itself and Media Center interface. However, when viewing the test videos to adjust the settings, the video is nearly black, dim, yet the interface to Media Center is perfect, so is viewing regular TV mode (w/o hdmi to the laptop) and even when HDMI is plugged in, quality is superb when using programs displayed on the TV. I did choose hdmi as connection type in MC, but why is the video so dim?

Another issue with Media Center is, no tv output at all. During TV signal scan, it says no signal detected. However, cable is connected and my hdmi > hdmi (laptop > tv) is connected as I'm viewing the MC interface on the TV itself.

Sony VGN-FZ290 laptop w/ HDMI port.

4GB Memory

Nvidia 256MB Dedicated 8400M GT (up to 2560x1200 resolution), fully 1080p Nvidia capable/certified.

Nvidia Driver: (tried several, currently using

Vista 64 Ultimate with SP1

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not sure if its relevant.. on my laptop i have to crank the resolution right down to see the whole screen using vista..... where as XP does this automatically. (HDMI cable)

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The nvidia control panel shows 1920x1080 (correct), but Vista is not outputting it 100% full screen on my tv. Ubuntu works fine, but not Vista.

Anyone else?

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Can someone please help me out on this? Thanks.

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Try using the settings which control the image size and position. Using these, you may be able to fix the problem.

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