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Been very busy of late, so have not spent as much time in the forums as I should.

But have not been idle, busy busy with server things.

Once again our driver server is giving us grief.

Our current server with Rapidswitch is about to go down in Bandwidth limit.

And the new limit of 4TB (from 10TB) will not be enough to run the drivers off.

So I started a new account with UK2net who still have 10TB accounts for a reasonable price.

Setting up a server should be so easy, but is not as we have found out again :P

The server is now working and we should be able to go live in the not too distant future.

It will be good to get this all over, as going to bed not long before getting up again is not good.

A huge thanks to Chris who alao was up till the wee hours, to get the server sorted :thumbsup:

Anywho, I've since last night:

Fixed the INF typo for the "NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS" :) v3.257a for Vista and v3.255a for XP will have it all sorted :P

Added INF for 175.75 which I had no time to work on last night.


Server migration is going well (phew) just copying the files now, this is honking along at 80Mbps, if only my DSL was even a fraction as fast :rofl:

26.5GB of drivers will still take some time to copy.

Next step is test the server to make sure all is OK.

Then switch DNS server settings and we should go live with the newest driver server.

One thing about our new hosts (UK2net) support is top notch.

Tickets are answered almost instantly.

Didn't have an ideal start with them but sorting some other issues out was quick and very painless.

Big thanks to Chris (different to above) for reloading the OS, hope you one day get to shift to NZ :)

Lunarpages could take a leaf from their book.

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glad to hear everything is runnning smoothly, fingers crossed no more server woes.

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Guest Nick


I just wanted to ask why you don´t upload drivers @ rapidshare.com ?

You could take a free Account and upload anything you want and rs is very fast too...


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I'm still available to help setting up a mirror management if this should be needed. I think distributing the traffic to several servers around the globe is the best option there is.

And as already posted I still cannot share your concerns about setting up a mirror management.

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