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Age of Conan Drivers for 8400M GS


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Anybody else have this card or the Dell M1330 and playing AoC with any luck? I am running the stock Dell 156.69 because i'm a noob. Running Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

2.0ghz Core 2 Duo T7250

4 gigs

7200 RPM HDD

128mb 8400M GS

With everything turned off and lowest rez the game still suffers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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update your drivers for better performance, the drivers you are sing is outdated.

Download 175.16 from the forums here, and also download a modded inf, replace the modded inf into the 175.16 folder and overwrite original to be able to install.

MOre info in the quick start guide found in my sig

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Guest Laegim

and when the updated 175.16 driver still doesn't allow the GeForce 8400M GS to perform well, anyone have a suggestion for that? I too play on an XPS M1330 and was surprised to find I couldn't play age of conan. With the newer driver its a tad better but it still unplayable in my book. This machine has a 2.4 GHz processor which is its only failing on the recommended requirements, which means it has to be a rendering issue with the graphics. I'm really not sure what to try at this point.

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I am having a similar problem using the 8400m GS card. I must admit I have not yet tried the drivers mentioned here (will do shortly), but last night used a new driver from a different site with bizarre results. I found that I could run Oblivion with all seetings maxed, but Age of Conan is still unplayable!

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Guest Guest

You need to check up on the Age of Conan forums on performance increase, they have leak issues when using low settings. Using medium setting and lowering settings manually gave me a big fps increase on my 8400m GS card, Im currently playing 10 - 35 fps depending on environment.

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Laegim, your CPU does meet the requirements for the game. What they require is a 3gHz Pentium 4. Even a 1.8 gHz Core 2 Duo can knock the socks off a 3gHz P4.

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