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Can I upgrade my 8600M GT?


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Hey guys,

Currently using an Acer Aspire 5920G, with 4 gigs of ram and a Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz.

The RAM and Processor are great, but I'm not impressed at all with the graphics card...

So I just wanted to know if upgrading is possible.

oh and please do not strike up a conversation saying things like "Why do you think the graphics card is not good", or "Don't upgrade it it's already good enough".

Just answer the question or leave.

Thanks. :)

*love that banana guy*

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Why do you think the graphics card is not good?, Don't upgrade it it's already good enough!!

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I don't think you can. only very few laptops have cards that are removable /upgradable.

Open up the back and have a look. mine has a card, but its soldered on, so im stuck with the 8600GT too.

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WOW that was so funny! :)


ok i'll check and get back.

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The 5920 graphic card is in the MXM II (v2) format, so you can upgrade it.

5920 graphic card format :


Differents format of graphic card :


Guys which upgrade their 8600m GT DDR2 to a 8600m GT DDR3 card :


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Whick card are you planning to upgrade?

It must be much more powerfule than 8600MGT,or it's insignificancy to this upgrading.

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Guest Runnin2

I got the same card in mine... i try to run 2 instance of my game at the same time and it will not do it well: (Vista,Core 2 Duo 1.5ghz, 2GB ram, 256mb on card).

However my other computer does much better and it is 4 yrs old: (XP,Pent 4 3.06ghz, 1.37GB ram, Mobility Radeon 9000 (?ram)).

I am wondering what my problem is most likely to be: my card, my OS, or my processor? The game is setup to run with Nvidia products, or they have/had their logo on the loading page.


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Try to get yourself a more competent CPU first.

If that works, you will be all set! Not to mention it's a much less expensive solution.

There are tons of up-2-date mobile Intel CPUs on eBay.

Apart from that, games might run slightly smoother under WinXP, not by much though.

It is hard to find something much more powerful than 8600M GT for upgrade these days.

If you do, take a good grasp!

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