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Can I upgrade to a better GPU for this Alienware Area-51M 766 series laptop?

Current GPU is a GeForce FX Go 5700.

Alienware said no, but they also said I could not run Vista Aero because this system was designed for XP. Well, after getting a new driver from laptopvideo2go it works great.

Any suggestions?

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Guest mlee49

Good to know your wanting to upgrade. I would check the 5700 specs on this link:


Doesn't show power consumption but you will need to check the power you get from your mobo and ensure it will power the new card.

I am researching upgrading a 7900 gs to a 7900 gtx but th ps jumps from 20W to 45W. AW just wants you to buy a new set up, thier 'trade in/trade up' policy is so weak. Hope you find what card will be best to upgrade your system!

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