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Temp issues


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hey guys,

firstly i'd like to start by saying thanks for all the work you guys do, much appreciated :) and its my first post yay.

The problem i appear to be having is with my GPU, when its idle the temps vary from 60 which then climb towards 70 and then the fans kick in which then lowers them back to 60. When I'm gaming the peak temp is 92 [assassins creed,CoD4, etc]..my card is not overclocked at all, the drivers I'm using are the 174.93 my specs are as follows:

Dell xps1530

- T9300 c2d 2.50ghz

- 3gig of RAM

- 250gig drive

- 8600GT GDDR3

- 1400x900

Are my temps quite high? If so how can I lower them.

Thanks in advance guys!

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from my own experience it does seems high,

i idle around 35-44

and max i ever saw my card got to was 70 when in game.

make sure your laptop has room around its vent to cirulate air.

make sure that the fans are free from dust. look at your laptop manual to locate fans and clean them out with compressed air or unblock th vents if they are dusty

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ah thanks for the reply, what drivers are you using? I've heard that some drivers produce more heat than others - i'll look into cleaning out dust even though this laptop is a month old :)

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im using 175.16

they are very good drivers but the temps have increased by 2 deg c.

for lower temps i reccomend you try 167.xx drivers


just had a thought: is the temp your quoting in F or C?

if its in F then looks ok.

im uk so we quote in C when talking about temps.


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haha, I'm also in the UK and I'm quoting C :)

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My asus a1-g1s ... witha 8600m gt, idles at 87C and hits 110C in city of hereos and above 100 in most games. The CPU idles at around 80C and hits 93c when gaming o.o.... << I think my problem is just a fan was never installed correctly wheN I got it. What to do?

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110C? Damn, that's even higher than I've managed to get with my 8600M GS, which usually peaks around 92C. That's definitely high, but within the thermal spec, but I might try to find something to curb that heat a little.

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110C, while being in thermal spec, is still burning hot. One time I encountered a laptop which had its GPU running that hot, and the air coming out the vent smelled like a hot glue gun. Definitely not good.

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