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NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M w/WoW graphic issues in Gateway


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OK so lets get started i got a gateway m500b1 laptop with a NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go 32M,

So nvidia dosent have drivers for it cause gateway is the ones who made the driver for it and all i can see is that that made 1 driver, i called them thats wat they said they only have one, ok ok so i googled and formed searched and i couldnt find one, i came her and download drivers and the .ini mod or watever and seem alot of people with the same card i have having same problems no updates. Now i download about 5 or 6 differnt drivers and used the ini like i said and it worked well it kinda worked it would only let me do 800X600 and 4bit res. so i was like wtf none of them works..... so im asking if anyone knows wat i can do if theres someway to get a updated driver the driver i have now is the 3220 or u can put it 6.13.0010.3220. Im not trying to play a badass game or nething im just trying to play world of warcraft and when i get to login screen its glitchy flashing random images and blizzard said upgrade my driver.

So as many people as i seen with this problem someone must have figured out how to make this work must be a driver somewhere can anyone plz help me? :) :) :P :P

im gonna upload my dxdaig ss


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Uninstall your old driver. Make sure you use a drivercleaner to really get rid of the original driver installtion.

Also update DirectX, install all Windows Updates etc. etc.

This site: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=21085 shows that tests were succesful starting with NVIDIA driver 61.77, so thats a start. A fast driver for your video card generation would be 67.66. Also try 84.12.

This site has extensive information as well: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml...mp;pageNumber=1

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ok tys i have done the uninstall fully. now im looking for the drivers u told me i should try and im really not to good with this stuff and i cant find where to get them this is all confusing to me is it possible for a little more info on where to get theses drivers if u can tys man

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Ok nine, it's really not that hard. First off, start by logging in to the site normally. At the top you'll notice the bar offering the following choices:


The best choice for your purpose is to try DOWNLOAD DRIVERS, and then the next choice on the left side, probably the XP 32Bit button if that is your operating system [NOT IN YOUR PROFILE!]. By going through the various pages you can move through all the drivers offered to the one you actually want to download.

The columns on each page offer particulars for the individual drivers:

->Download -- here is a downward arrow which can be pressed to download the chosen driver to your PC, in a compressed, self-extracting form. This also includes all the original INFs as supplied by the original supplier (either Nvidia, or some OEM manufacturer).

-> Version

-> INF -- if you press on the 'INF' text here you can download our sites modded INF for the driver. It should normally be used to REPLACE any other INFs already in the installation directory before the actual install, and supports practically all available Nvidia graphic products.

So.....navigate to the download page for the driver you've chosen (the 84.12 driver is on page 9, and 67.66 on page 17). Then download both the actual driver package [the downward arrow] and the INF for the chosen driver. Then install the new driver properly after first uninstalling the old resident graphic driver. The forum FAQs should be very helpful for any questions you may have.

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