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I don't understand technology - driver help


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In short, I've been reading over this forum and I still don't understand what the right thing to do is. I am trying to update my GeForce Go 6200 driver. I play a few games on GameTap and it's been running a little strange/choppy and the advice I was given was to update my driver. Well, I look around of nVidia's site and it's nowhere to be found. Google tells me I might want to use a modified inf? I have a vague idea of what that is now that I've looked around this site, but I don't want to mess anything up in my computer with my technological incompetence.

Here's the information I have:

# Sony VGN-FS675 P/H

# GeForce Go 6200 128 MB

# I don't know what driver version I am running, or really even where to find it out.

# XP 32 bit

Could someone with more knowledge than I walk me through the steps of getting the recommended driver? Feel free to treat me like a child. I am quite old and don't have a good grasp on these things.


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hello aikido.

basically nvidia dont provide support for mobile graphics card on their website.

Due to various things and apparently they arent allowed to.

This causes obvious problems because newer drivers usally mean performance improvements and bug fixes for new games etc.

The latest driver on nvidia's website is 175.16 for both vista and xp.

Every driver comes with a .inf file, its basically a file that "tells" the setup.exe what card can install and since mobile cards are not listed in the normal .inf the driver wont install.

So a modded inf from this site modifies that .inf file to add support for mobile graphics cards new and old.

I recommend 175.16 driver.


download the driver from the link above by pressing the DOWNLOAD icon at the top.

it will install a 7zip archive, so you need to install 7zip or winrar to extract it from that archive by double clicking it.

It should extract to a folder called 175.16 on the desktop.

Now download the modded inf by click the button next to the DOWNLOAD button from the link above.

Move that file into the extracted 175.16 folder and overwrite the original.

you can run setup from that folder to install.

If however you are experiencing problems install using the have disk method: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=33

also before you installa new driver, unistall the old one first: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....ost&p=76633

then follow what i said above.

it really isnt hard once you done it once it becomes easy and striaght forward :)

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Thanks! I did what you said (well, except for using the driver cleaners because I really couldn't wrap my mind around that). It appears to be working great.

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