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Bad Game Performance with Geforce 7800 GS under Vista 32

Guest Sptz

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Guest Sptz

Hey, I have my old computer stopped, so I gave it to my brother, I remember it ran all games very well, CSS etc. So I installed Windows Vista 32bit and 175.75 drivers. The specs are:

Amd 64 3500+

Asus a8v deluxe

2gig corsair mem

nv 7800gs

sb x-fi xtrememusic

OCZ 500w

It still should run CSS just fine right?

Well... I just found out CSS valve stress stest gets 49 fps with AA and AF turned down... with AA and AF it gets 20 fps... what the hell? I clearly remember I played CSS so much with AA and AF and it ran GREAT, as well as HL2!!

What the hell is wrong in here?

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Try different drivers. Also vista runs games a little slower than XP did. A combination of the two will be affecting your game play experience.

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Guest Dicknutz

Hey, wish I knew what the hell was going on, cause I have a similar system, Athlon XP 2800+, Geforce 7800 GS OC, 1.5Gigs of Ram and I get 10 fps....max. F(&^*** game is completely unplayable now. I used to be able to get 15-25 which I would suffer with but at least be able to play, now this. Goddamn Steam going ahead and making changes that screw so many people. Just do a google search for CSS poor performance and you'll see what I mean. I have tried absolutely everything but nothing even changes the framerate. If you find anything at all let me know and i'll do likewise. Formatted and reinstalled a performance XP cd, reinstalled HL2, twice, reinstalled video drivers about 15 times cleaning any leftover drivers in between, added GART drivers, updated my bios, ect....ect.....ect....ect. Tried writing Steam, but good luck on that one, they made it harder than collected UI, sons of bitches. Basically, looks like we're screwed, but if you hear anything, please respond. Thanks.


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