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8700mGT vs. 8800mGTX


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So I contact Dell spare parts, and it would cost me basically $700 to order the 8800mGTX SLI card. I currently have the 8700mGT SLI card and was wondering how much of an improvement I would get, and is it worth the money.

Is there anyone out there that as been able to play on both cards, and was thier a significant or marginal improvement?

I play Age of Conan and my FPS are horrible, try to improve game play so I can actually enjoy the game ( all settings on low I get 10-20 FPS)

Thanks for the help!

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Wow the review on that laptop is awesome, I am wondering if upgrading my ram would help as well, I have 4GB, but it isn't 800mhz. I am assuming my motherboard should support it.

Also I currently have 1 320gb 5,400 rpm hardrive, how much of an improvement would I see from running to smaller drives (lets say 100gb) and 7,200 rpm in Raid 0? Would this drastically improve loading times for the game? (its a 25GB game plus updates!)

Dox, thanks for always replying to my post - I do appreciate it.

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i wouldnt go 800MHZ u would see something like 0.1-1 fps difference in game if that.

Also u need X64 based OS to use all that ram. If u want to go 64 bit i reccomend vista x64 and not xp x 64 because u will find better supported drivers for vista x 64 :)

I have the same hardrive as you 320GB @ 5400rpm, due to what is known as 'data density' the speed of the hardrive (seek/write times) are comparabable to that of the 200GB @ 7200 rpm :) . Basically it takes less number of turns on the 320gb to find the data and hence the speeds are pratically as fast the 200GB 7200 rpm.

I dont really reccomend raid 0 people claim its better performance but i personally dont recommend it,

I've read loads of reviews and some sites says it good and some says its not worth it for the minimal gain and higer risk of data loss ( 1 driver fails = entire data loss).

anymore questions feel free to ask :P

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Man, that info really helps!

Looks like I am going to go get a copy of 64bit Vista today, since the laptop is mainly for gaming, I don't really care about not being able to use some peripherals that don't support x64.

Question, would my 1730 support 6 or 8gb of ram, and is that a worth upgrade?

This game is killing me! I have been waiting for it over 16 months, and now I can barley play it!

Looks like I am going to be ordering that 8800mGTX SLI card.

Thanks for the help Dox!

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i dont think you need to go more than 4 gb, plus you wuouldnt benifit with higher fps.

also your 320gb hd is fine its much better than the 100gb raid0 and also faster with more HD space,

cant go wrong really.

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Thanks Dox! I will let you know my results. Glad I don't need to replace my HDD.

BTW, do you think there will be a market for my used 8700mGT SLI card? or will it only work on a XPS1730?


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