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External Monitor troubles

Guest Vincenzo

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Guest Vincenzo

I cannot get the full display to show up for some reason... worked fine on another laptop almost just like this but the other was a NON SLI .... the contral panel was also very different.... do I maybe need install an older driver or something? I am pretty frustrated I played around with the nvideo contral panel and I cannot get it to scale right on my screen

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated... i hate to think i'm stuck with the 17 screen even when at home :)

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Guest Guest

sorry forgot this :

VISTA Business

64 Bit

GP92M Rev 2

I am trying to connect to a Viewsonic 28 monitor with the same native resolution as the laptop screen 1920x 1200.

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i dont have much exprience with it but have you tried this:

click start

control panel

appearance and themes

on the display properties windows

click on the settings tab and mess about with the config there.

you can select to use multiple monitors and change the resolution on each of those monitors :)

if that doesnt work, it is best to list your laptop specs, OS and driver version for your video card, as its always useful to know.

nvm you wrote it when i was typing :)

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Guest Guest

thanks for the effort ... it seems to be more than that even getting in the nvidia control panel it says its adjusted for the right rez but doesn't really appear to be set at that.....

is it ok disable and reenable sli on the fly? maybe that is the real problem... just guessing here...

Thanks again for any help.

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