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Laptop issues with main laptop display and external monitor!


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Hi all, just signed up for the forum and hoping that someone has seen this issue before!

I have tried searching but it's knowing the criteria to search for for this issue.

I have a Rock Extreme CTX Pro laptop, dual core 2ghz, 2gb ram, Nvidia 7950 GeForce Go (512mb). Operating system is Vista enterprise 32bit RTM, then upgraded to sp1.

The drivers that Rock supply on their website tend to generally work, 70% of the time, however at times they would blue screen. Very annoying.

I have tried numerous different releases of drivers from this site. They work very well, apart from this really really strange issue.

Laptop main screen works fine with resolution 1920x1200. When i would fresh boot the laptop and plug in the external Dell monitor it works fine. Extends onto the Dell monitor, all sweet.

If I put the laptop into standby, bring the laptop out of standby and plug the dell monitor in, the laptop display goes off totally and the dell monitor is now the main screen. I have tried all combinations of settings in Vista and it will not switch back. I have to unplug the monitor and reboot the laptop then plug the monitor back in.

This is really really annoying. It is also extremely annoying that Nvidia do not make a driver for this particular model of graphics card! How can they release hardware then not support it with a driver!

Has anyone ever seen this issue before?

Thanks for any help in advance.



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read the links in my sig.

particularly the FAQ | modded inf | quickstart guide.

basically this site modifies the inf file found in the driver folders.

This allows any drivers to install on any card even mobile ones such as yours.

i recommend 175.16 found on this site.

go to the correct thread and download.

extract the driver with winrar or 7zip.

download the modded inf from the same thread,

move that to the extracted folder and overwrite the orginal.

run setup.exe to install.

as i say read the links in my sig for much more detail.

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Many thanks for the reply!

I have a read through the links. I already understood about the moddified INF files etc.

It was interesting reading though about how Nvidia don't support the mobile GPUs. I 'assumed' that they would have to since it was their product but i was wrong!!

I am now using the 175.16 driver and so far so good, the whole weekend and this morning in work it's been working fine. Both monitors coming on as they should.

Thanks for your help and hopefully the monitors will stay working 100%!



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