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Best 17x.xx Drivers for Acer 5920G in My Opinion


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After spending a few weeks of trial and error trying to find the best 17X.XX drivers for my Acer Aspire 5920G 8600m GT 512mb, I finally found the best three in my opinion.


This driver is the best for OverClocking, even though I did notice little slight graphical glitches in older games, and on a blue moon it will BSOD.


This driver is very, very stable, but it increases GPU heat by 5 degrees.

and lastly but not least,


Current driver installed on my laptop, this driver gives the best FPS in games, and so far it is very stable, especially for playing UT3.

These three drivers are the only drivers in the 17X.XX series that did not Downclock on me after 15 mins of gameplay. So in my opinion these are the best drivers so far.

So anyone who has a 5920G with 8600m GT 512mb, I recommend that you try one of these three drivers.

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Can't download the modded inf? says request not found. (175.14 -> 32 Vista). Anyway thx for a good tip.

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i confused i thot 5920Gs came with 8600m gs, the one is comet has a 8600m gs

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I think there were two or more models released for example there were two 5520 models released, one featuring a 7000m, the other a 8400m gs. But both of them looked very similar!

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Hello fellow 5920G owner...how do the recent 177.40, 177.41 and 177.66 compare to these three??? I'm at 177.66 right now and at idle my gpu temp is 68 and under UT3 load it maxes out at 85. Decent FPS it seems.

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