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My Age of Conan improvements/tips


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I made this same post on AOC forums thought i would post it here to help some people out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok i have been working alot on ways to run the system best it can i have a list of ways and also things needed to be done.

1. update to newest driver will greatly increase performance. For Nvidia drivers go to http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php? this is a good place to get Nvidea custom updated driver. This will improve alot on system. For people who use ATI cards i don't have any links other then www.ati.com if anyone else has any good ATI driver sites please post

2. If your running vista turn off aero. this uses processed you do not need running and can improve alot on performance depending on system.

3. clean up startup. run Msconfig and turn all program files off. Do not turn off anything that is needed, there is a great website here http://www.processlibrary.com/ that you can use to check what processes do and if you can shut them off.

4. system settings i did alot of working on this and this is what i found to have the best FPS/gameplay ability. i took a few screenshots so people can try these settings. I can not guarantee that these will be the best for your system but they will get you very close. http://picasaweb.google.com/Apak101

5. defrag/ disccleanup once a week not hard just do it overnight if you do not know how to do this then google it very simple

6. I deleted my Shader.cache file a and it seem to improve the performance of game but i noticed it rebuilt itself after i removed it. It may require this to be done once a week as well to keep it clean i will post if i get any more info on what is best way to use this.

7. make sure all system files are up to date and that all programs you are using (DX, drivers, etc.) are up to date.

8. make sure your computer can run this game. i have noticed alot of people with 7000 Nvidea cards 1gig ram and 1.7 processor thinking they will get 30FPS out of this game. Not going to happen, be realistic to your machine and try to play if you can. You want a 8000+ card with 2 gigs of ram and a duel core or quad core atleast to run this game with 30+ FPS. If you are getting it with less then this great but if you have less then this don't expect alot.

9. If you are running vista readyboost is a nice add they did to system. I noticed a slight increase running this if you do not already have 4gigs of ram inside your system. Get a flashdrive with readyboost capabilities and try it out.

10. Last possibility and i don't recomend this unless you are very good with computer is overclocking. It will improve performance but you may be out a computer. BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFOR YOU DO THIS AND DO RESEARCH ON OVERCLOCKING YOUR SYSTEM.

Thank you if i get any more information or improvements i will post them.

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New Fix for a common problem with AOC. The running out of memory error i just read so many people are getting is because your virtual memory is capping out along with your memory. You need to raise your virtual memory to it's cap and should mostly solve this problem. Your virtual memory cap is twice your Ram. So if yuo have 2 gigs of ram your V-memory caps out at 4gigs. Put the low end and high end to highest you can to improve performance of this aswell. I will post any updates i find on improvements

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