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M1530 8600m GT, my OC's suck!

Guest Tusin

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Guest Tusin

First my System Dell M1530, T7250, 8600M GT GDDR3, WD 320 HD, 4GB Gskill ram, 6cell Battery.

So I see EVERYONE being able to OC this to very high clocks. And I cannot even come close to touching them. Highest I can go is 650/900 (might be able to do the memory higher, did not try), but this is only stable in 3dmark06. If i try to run TF2 or WoW @ these speeds I get a instant reboot. The most I can OC that I have found so far and be stabe is 525/825. I have tried various drivers, and will try a few more tomorrow.

Nothing is overheating, it is not playing long enough to overheat. Is it possible that I have a "voltage issue"?

Any information would be awesome.

Thanks for this site btw, been using it for years (used to own a dv6000t).

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well... i have the same baic system as you. CPU is a bit faster but thats basically it.

For games I have mine set to:

Core-580 Mem-830

Like you benchmark test i can run a lot hight, and got 5,500 3Dmark'06 points. But games don't like it. I have a aluminium laptop cooler master, and that helps keep the temp down. If not using it then i get sudden frame drops.. (driver non-responsive)

So, basically what you can overclock your system to, is it man. Every system is different. Play around with higher mem settings and lower the core a bit. That will work better for strategy games.

Im using 174.74 under vista 32, i suggest you use the same.. best for the XPS, i have tested about 30 different video drivers.

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