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Alienware mALX with dual Geforce go 7900 GTX -- Age of Conan problems


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Hi guys

I'm very new to all this modded driver lark, so bear with me :/

Does anyone know which is the most up to date driver that is compatible with dual Geforce Go 7900 GTX cards? The one I am currently using, from Alienware's website, is version and is dated March 2006. I recently bought Age of Conan and the game even tells me my gfx drivers are out of date before the game starts each time. It runs very poorly so I'm hoping an update to the drivers will sort it out.

Every driver I have downloaded so far says it cannot find any compatible hardware, so before I mess around with modded inf files and trying new drivers I was hoping someone could recommend a version?

Thanks very much


(edit: I was going to try the 169.09 drivers but they don't mention the "go" version of the 7900GTX.. so perhaps that is the desktop version and not suitable?)

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Guest John Padukiewicz

Wow I've had the exact same problem, I just installed the 169.09 with the INF file and I still have Age of Conan telling me to install newer drivers. The game intros will play sound but no video

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so the 169.09 installed ok?

Yeah I think Age of Conan tells me I need 169.21 or later. I'll settle for 169.09 at the moment though if they work, gotta be better than the crappy 2 year old version I'm using now :/

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I installed the 169.09 drivers last night and all seems to be working well, although I didn't test it for very long. I've only tried Age of Conan so far but the improvement to the framerate and loading time of objects in game is staggering compared to the March 06 drivers that Alienware still have on their site. The intro's dont work though, but I can live with that. The screen goes all fuzzy and you can just hear the audio, but once you skip through them and get to the menu screen all is fine.

I'll report back any bugs if I do find any, but so far this gets my recommendation for anyone with an mALX with the same gfx cards as me (dual Geforce Go 7900 GTX 256Mb)


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i have the same system, with the dual gfx cards + win xp

will the 169.09 drivers work with that ?

last time i tried, i got the black screen and had to reinstall 96.something

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People, I would suggest you take the time to take a look over in our SLI support section here: Discussion & Support-> SLI support for laptops

Most of your questions are/have been asked, and some solved.

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