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Alienware Aurora m9700 SLI

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Guest Kotafey


First of all, my specs:

AMD Turion 2.2Ghz (single core)

2 x Geforce Go 7900GS in SLI


1440x900 native resolution

Win XP 32bit /w SP3

I've been running tests to determine the best possible settings for SLI and the best driver to use. I'd like to say that these forums have been extremely helpful and I'm grateful for everyone who posts here, especially the mods and their excellent guides - thank you.

Until a few days ago I was running on the 84.74 driver which came with the machine 2 years ago (I know...)

A few days ago I updated to 167.51 official beta driver from nVidia (the latest for the Go 7xxx series)

Yesterday a new patch came out for Age of Conan and that driver no longer worked, so I downloaded the 169.61 driver together with the modified .inf from this site. This is what i'm currently using and it seems to work ok.

Here are my 3dmark06 test results so far:

169.61 modded driver, Default 3dmark settings but @ 1440x900, SLI enabled

Final score = 4929

169.61 modded driver, Default 3dmark settings but @ 1440x900, SLI disabled

Final score = 3155

Please feel free to comment, share your experiences with these cards, or recommend any improvements. I will update this post with my results for the 175.80 driver (with modified .inf) when I have a chance to do the tests. Hopefully this thread will help other Alienware / nVidia users :)

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I have just installed a second 7900 gs to my m9700 so I'm playing with drivers. I've updated to the 169.09 and cant overclock. I was able to overclock the single by like 15-20% to get a decent 3d06 @ 3700(stock was at 3k). I haven't ran w/new drivers but I did want to post letting you know I will be all over it! :)

I'll check back in a few to let you know some stats.

AW m9700:

2.4 AMD ml44

1 gig RAM

DUAL 7900 GS (256 MB each)

Win XP Media

I have been comparing with other benches too so I can post those if you guys want.

I have the actual spcs in my aurora m9700 with dual 7900GS 512 each

and I got 5174 OCd the GPU and 4988 without OC but I was running on 1280 x 1024

What drivers 4 overclocking? The old 8x series were great for overclocking!

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